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Legal documents
Upon request, we can provide appropriate parties with electronic PDF or hard paper copies of:
  • Company business license
  • License to practice as a health care professional
  • Licenses for Home Management Services
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Federal Employer Identification Number
  • Virginia state driver's licenses
  • California state driver's licenses
  • Automobile Insurance & Safety Inspection
  • HIPAA Privacy Practices Notice
  • Advance Directives information sheets
  • Mandated Reporter Regulations

Privacy policy
It is the policy of Infinity Care Management to be committed to the privacy of all our clients and potential clients.  Infinity Care Management is dedicated to maintaining the privacy of identifiable health information of our clients.  We protect and maintain the confidentiality of that information as set forth and required by law.  Our company's Privacy Practices Notice is a 3 page document specifically declaring and announcing our way of handling identifiable information, client's privacy rights, and our obligations concerning the use and disclosure of that health information.  We provide this this 3 page notice to all our clients at the time of admission and this notice can also be read here at this link.

Advance Directives Policy
It is the policy of Infinity Care Management to provide Advance Directives information sheets to educate all new clients upon admission of what the two types are and what they consist of (typically known as a "living will" and as "durable power of attorney").  Clients are in no way obligated to act upon this information, but it is merely an education tool that is mandated by law that we provide it to all our clients. 

Mandated Reporter Policy
Virginia and California law requires that nursing agencies where nursing professionals practice, report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation to Adult Protective Services with the Department of Social Services.


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