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Medication Management            Organize Your Medications

   We have extensive experience in managing and organizing medications.  S
ometimes taking medications can be very overwhelming and confusing to senior patients, especially if they have ongoing challenges with memory loss or declining mental status.
    We can definitely help in this area because we can eliminate duplicate medication bottles, provide color coding and medication charts as well as implement the use of a CMD aka (Computerized Medication Dispenser shown below).  In addition, we can fill the CMD or the patient's current pill box system with all their medicines for any required schedule.


    We would then order all necessary prescription refills in a timely manner from their pharmacy to ensure that they do not run out of their medications.  All stress and confusion is removed for you or your parent because everything can be done by us except for swallowing the pills.  

    This provides you with peace of mind knowing that the correct medications and doses are put in place without any errors or problems.

    For an even better way to manage medications, Infinity Care Management suggests the use of our Medication Dispenser below along side our RN medication management services to help eliminate any errors. 



MedSmart Medication Dispenser

Our Medication Dispensing System can be filled by our RN's, the patient, or their loved one to get the right medication, the right dose, at the right time. This system is capable of being remotely monitored through an active phone line and in the case of a missed dose it will alert our staff ,and/or a loved one, in order to take the appropriate action.
Pill Dispenser

The circular tray has cells for you to organize pills. Select the appropriate template that corresponds with the dosage schedule and fill the tray accordingly. Close the device and place it on the docking base.

Pill Dispenser Tray

At each reminder/alarm time, a flashing light and sound alert will remind you that it is time to take your pills, the tray will rotate, and your medication will be made available.

MedSmart Pill Dispenser

Tip the unit to dispense your pills and the device is ready to dispense the next dose at the scheduled time.

Dispense Pills







MedSmart Consumer Information


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