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Know someone at risk of falling?  A friend, a loved one, or maybe yourself?
Fallen Elder
We have the system to help you in case of a fall or any other emergency!  It's called:

VoiceCare 850XL Console Unit    
 (also known as a PERS or PersonalEmergencyResponseSystem)
a Medical Alert System that summons help with a push of a button!


Click Here to Get the Facts Directly From the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) About Falls Risks Among Older Adults.


Is it time for a Medical Alert System? See if you or a loved one qualifies for this system by using this tool to answer a few simple questions: Assessment Tool




With VoiceCare (PERS) an individual can remain independent at home while assuring that medical and personal assistance is close at hand. The system is comprised of a two-way voice console unit that connects to an existing phone line, and a lightweight water-resistant remote activator, worn around the neck or wrist.

Installation Available within 24 hours!!!
We provide one of the best, most durable, medical alert units in Virginia and California for your loved one to have in their home, including the fastest installation and service available!
Act Now, and receive this free key lock box (a $35.00 value) with the installation of your PERS unit!  Just mention code number ICM1000.
Key Lock Box
Key lock boxes allow emergency responders access to the keys to enter your residence.  The combination for the lock box is provided to them automatically upon your PERS button(s) activation, which prevents them from causing damage to your property from forced entry if you are incapacitated when they arrive.
The fact is that there are many other units available to order online, but you will have to wait for the majority of them to be shipped to you, and if there are issues at any time with the unit, or it's components, YOU will be responsible for sending any defective parts back to their warehouse.  This means waiting yet again for the replacement part to return to you.  In addition, you will also be responsible for learning all of the operations and connections for installation and testing of the unit!  Who needs that hassle?!! 
Don't let your loved one be unprotected for any time whatsoever!  We will install your PERS unit within 24 hours upon receipt of the order, completely assess your individual requirements, and explain the entire system operation to be sure you completely understand how the system operates, including "live testing" in your home.  If any equipment problems arise, no problem, we keep a full stock of all system components and will replace the defective part within the same day! 
Console Unit

If assistance is needed, simply press any button (located on your remote
activator(s) or the console unit)
and the console unit dials the toll-free, 24 hour, 7 days a week Response Center which opens a two-way voice connection with a trained, nationwide response team.  If you are unable to speak, the Response Center will follow the pre-established "no voice call order" instructions supplied by you.  In the absence of these instructions, an ambulance is dispatched.

Infinity Care Management provides installation, testing, maintenance and commissioning of the PERS, including any special phone lines or phone jacks required, which is supervised by our in-house licensed master electrician.  We want to be absolutely sure that each individual is comfortably familiar with the operation of their system before we leave the installation location.  WE will take care of all the paper work, set everything up with the call center, and add everyone's contact information in to the system that you wish to be contacted in the case of an emergency.  There is NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY and you can CANCEL ANY TIME!

Emergency Help Remote Activator (One included with each system / approx. 250ft. range depending on construction material, number of walls, etc.)

Remote Activator Button

Designed with subscribers' needs in mind, the Emergency Help Remote Activator blends customer driven research with innovative technology to create the most advanced wireless alert activator.  Available in wrist, belt, wall mount, and pendant configurations, the remote activator allows individuals to move freely about their homes without ever being far from assistance.  Up to three remote activators may be used per console.

Water Resistant
    Provides protection in the bathroom, where many emergencies occur.

Low Battery Alert Signal
    The activator automatically notifies the Medical Monitoring Center when the battery requires changing.  (Battery life is approx. 2-years)

Repetitive Signal Stream
    The activator sends a signal burst to improve transmission reliability.

Indicator Light
    Provides a visual cue to the subscriber indicating the activator is transmitting

VoiceCare (PERS) Features

  • Two-Way Voice Communication
    Advanced audio technology permits operator controlled communication to better ascertain information and prompt the subscriber during an emergency.
  • Simple Connection
    Easily connects to a standard telephone jack and electrical power. No special wiring is necessary.
  • Wireless Activating Capability
    Lightweight portable activators provide freedom within any home environment.
  • 24-Hour Rechargeable Stand-by Battery
    During a power failure, the system's internal back-up battery supplies power for approximately 24 hours ensuring system functionality during a power outage.

  • Illuminated Help Button
    The HELP button is strategically located and illuminated to make accessing assistance easier.
  • Automatic Reset
    After activation, the unit automatically resets and is ready to receive another signal.
  • No Traditional On/Off Switch
    The system cannot be accidentally shut off from general handling or tampering.
  • Product Safety Approvals
    UL 1637 Home health signaling equipment UL 1635 Digital alarm communicator

Call now for more info:
(855) 488-8111 opt. 5 toll free

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