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TeleCare Phone Outreach Service
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 We provide “TeleCare” which is a phone outreach service for patients who need regular monitoring to make sure everything is going smoothly with them, but without having to actually make a visit
   Specially trained staff call the patient on designated days and ask key questions about how the patient is getting along for that day.  The patient's answers to those questions determine if there are any "yellow or red flags" present that could be a potential harm or negative consequence to them.  The "yellow or red flag" information is then given to a geriatric care manager to determine whether an assessment call is needed for more information or if a patient visit is warranted for that day.  The designated family member is then notified.
   By being proactive with your parent or loved one, significant or potentially hazardous situations can be avoided or eliminated resulting in decreased ER visits, hospitalizations, or crisis events. Proactive interventions are less costly, less disruptive, easier, and much more comfortable for your parent than reactive interventions. 
   This service is especially helpful for patients with cognitive deficits, memory loss, or beginning stages of Alzheimer's Disease. This is an excellent stand alone service or can be added on as a "between visits" service to promote independence and keep that loved one at home.  This phone service is available for as little as 1 day a week to as much as 7 days a week.


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