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Aging Life Care™
In-Home Care Services for
the Elderly & Disabled
Serving VA, CA, TX & WV 

We bring assisted living home!  ~ 


  Infinity Care Management is a full-service, professional, in-home care agency providing Aging Life Care™ & companion care assistance to senior adults and disabled persons so they can attain the highest quality of life, dignity, and empowerment while maintaining their independence at home or in an independent living facility.  We also provide Long Term Insurance Assessments for insurance companies and PPO networks. 


   We embrace the "aging in place" philosophy which is the emerging standard of supporting senior patients to remain independent and age gracefully as opposed to the traditional method of caring for geriatric adults by placing them in a long term care assisted living institution.  Sometimes the traditional method cannot be avoided due to financial issues or challenges, in which case we can be there as well to assist the family and the senior patient in making a smooth and easy transition.


   Taking care of loved ones can be overwhelming, so we offer individualized support and guidance for each patient's needs.  We will create a plan of care that considers the senior or disabled patient's health requirements, goals, wishes and lifestyle.  All of this is provided in the comfort and privacy of their own home or independent living facility.  We also have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in VA, CA, TX, and WV.

No longer do you have to send your parent to a nursing home - with our services, we can help you keep your parent living safely in their own home or in an independent living facility!


Elder Couple


Insist on only the highest quality care for your loved one - it makes a big difference!




What You Need is Peace of Mind

 Peace of Mind

  Your loved one is special to you and you only want what is best for them including honoring their primary desire to continue to live at home.  You need an agency that will provide you with that type of professional support, assistance, and solutions to keeping your mother or father safe, secure, and happy while maintaining the highest level of independence for them.


Infinity Care Management


(855) 488-8111 toll free
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Option #2 for California


(855) 477-7111


If you have any questions or have a particular unique situation that you would like to just inquire about or discuss, please feel free to call and find out how to keep your loved one independent.

To provide Referrals call us toll free at
855-488-8111 ext.8800 

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