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Aging Life Care™

Geriatric Care Patient


Aging Life Care™ (also known as "Geriatric Care Management", "elder care management", "senior health care management" and "professional care management") is the process of planning and coordinating care of the elderly and others with physical and/or mental impairments to meet their long term care needs, improve their quality of life, and maintain their independence for as long as possible. It entails working with persons of old age and their families in managing, rendering and referring various types of health and social care services. 



Not sure if you need Aging Life Care™ or what this service can do for you?  Download this very useful checklist to help evaluate how your loved one is doing and if they may need any additional support. Evaluate your Loved One for GCM Services.pdf

Our National Director of Aging Life Care™ has a 30 years in nursing care including; hospital bedside care, home health, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, and personal care agencies.  

Our Geriatric Care registered nurses are trained in taking care of senior patients which allows us to provide specialized care for your loved one. Our Geriatric Care nurses are also licensed as registered nurses within their perspective states of operations and they are all CPR certified.



We provide professional patient teaching, counseling, on-going assessment & monitoring, and health care navigation guidance all with tender loving care to the patient. Under direct doctors orders we can even provide skilled nursing duties and give you that peace of mind that you, or your loved one is in good hands.



We have extensive knowledge about resource options including quality and cost in VA, CA, TX & WV. We provide the support and assistance you need to put a plan into place that will make sure you or your loved one is safe, secure, and happy.



Geriatric Care Management AssessmentsASSESSMENTS

We conduct comprehensive assessments to identify specific challenges and then provide the correct solutions.  We also can conduct smaller, specialized assessments such as a falls risk assessment, home safety assessment, nutritional assessment, depression assessment, cognitive assessment, medication assessment, and an ADL assessment (Activities of Daily Living)

Geriatric Care Management Care PlansCARE PLANS

We provide written, tailored care plans that address all areas of the patient’s life.  These care plans are extremely individualized and are based on the comprehensive assessment or a combination of smaller specialized assessments depending on the individual patient's situation.


We can provide skilled nursing interventions, such as; injections, physical assessments, injury care, blood pressure checks, patient education on disease management, medication dispensing, & nutritional counseling.



We have extensive experience in managing and organizing medications. Sometimes taking medications can be very overwhelming and confusing to senior patients, especially if they have ongoing challenges with memory loss or declining mental status.  We can definitely help you in this area because we can eliminate duplicate medication bottles, provide color coding and medication charts as well as implement the use of a CMD (Computerized Medication Dispenser).  In addition, we can fill the CMD or the patient's current pill box system with all their medicines on a weekly or biweekly basis.  We would then order all necessary prescription refills in a timely manner from their pharmacy to ensure that they do not run out of their medications.  With the CMD, all stress and confusion is removed for your parent because it is a locked device that does everything for them except swallow the pills.  This provides you with peace of mind knowing that they are taking their medications daily without any errors or problems.


Geriatric Care Management Compliance COMPLIANCE ISSUES

We assess & monitor medication & diet compliance as well as other doctors orders and report this to interested family members and/or the primary care doctor.  The care plan is modified to accommodate new interventions which will stop non-compliant behaviors and begin adherence to the doctor's orders.



Geriatric Care Management Communication COMMUNICATION LIAISON

We act as an information link with doctors, other professionals, & family members to keep the communication cycle open.  It is very important to make the doctor aware of what the patient is doing at home, symptoms experienced, and any special medical challenges or issues that have come up.  It is equally important to keep specialty doctors and the family informed of those things as well.  In turn we make sure that the doctor's information regarding their disease management and any new doctor's orders are communicated back to the family, reminded to the patient, and modified on the care plan.



Geriatric Care Management AdvocatePATIENT ADVOCATE

We accompany patients to their doctor appointments and act as a patient advocate.  Informing the doctor of a clear picture of the home activities, and compliance to medication, diet and other doctor ordered interventions.  We share with the doctor any concerns or challenges that the patient is having as well as provide a history of their overall health care being provided by other professionals.  We speak up for them on their behalf so the doctor does not miss anything important or significant in planning their treatment.

Geriatric Care Management Mental Status Screening



We provide mental status screenings to provide objective, third party information to your loved one who may be in denial of declining memory or decreased cognitive abilities.  Denial may be what is keeping them from cooperating with family interventions of outside help, medication compliance, or diet adherence.  With counseling, screening results can provide reassurance to the patient and the family of the best care options to use in order to keep that patient safe at home and bypass a nursing home admission. 

Geriatric Care Management Bill Paying AssistanceMONTHLY BILL PAYING & ERROR RESOLUTION
 We assist patients with bookkeeping, budgeting, and bill paying.  We can set up automatic drafts with individual companies that the patient does business with such as utilities and other reoccurring bills.  We can write checks and mail payments on behalf of the patient to assure continued good standing with the companies who do business with them.  We can reconcile bank statements, organize records, manage medical bills, and troubleshoot any billing discrepancies or problems that might have arisen for the patient from a particular company.  We can advocate for you on any outstanding account that may need to be disputed with a company and help you get errors resolved and your account justified.
RUN ERRAGeriatric Care Management Running Errand AssistanceND'S 

We run errands of any type as requested.  This includes clothes shopping, getting food to go, banking, buying groceries, returning books to the library, paying utility bills, picking up prescriptions, buying presents, etc. in the most cost-effective manner.
NURSING HONursing Home or Facility Placement AssistanceME OR FACILITY PLACEMENT

We provide recommendations for nursing home or assisted living placement as well as accompany the patient and family on touring facilities for selection.  In addition, we can assist the patient and family with the paperwork, transferring, & moving process. 
Home Management Service

We employ our own licensed master electrician & electrical contractor, experienced in servicing the biotechnology industry, which supervises installation of electrical, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and various handy man services maintaining the utmost high quality standards.  We can take care of any needed home improvements, maintenance, or repair services or duties such as; lawn care, landscaping, leave raking, snow shoveling, wheelchair ramp installation, lighting installation, maintaining a power-outage survival kit, and much more.
Transportation Service

We can provide transportation services for the 'Driving Retired' to where ever they need to go; shopping, groceries, pay bills, downtown errands, doctor visits, dine out, library, visit friends, movie theater, senior events, meetings, church services, adult day care or just to get out of the house and do some sight seeing.  We can provide hands off care (transportation & escort only), or be more hands on and assist with walker or wheelchair use.  A premium option can be to upgrade to a registered nurse to accompany the patient instead for added peace of mind.  All drivers are patient, caring, and CPR certified, insured, and licensed in the state.

 Home Safety 

We have several safety management services available on a one time or ongoing basis.  These can be provided at the initial assessment visit and/or at regular intervals as requested.  These services include assessment for the need of a Medical Alert System with 2-way voice communication and the installation of it.  Another popular service we can provide is a nurse to do a home falls risk assessment and initiate interventions to correct or eliminate any falls risks that are present.  We highly recommend our in-house, master electrician to perform a home safety inspection to find and eliminate electrical hazards, fire hazards, or other physical home hazards.  We can provide initial and ongoing education & counseling on hazard prevention to maintain the highest level of safety in the home environment. We can provide estimates for minor as well as major home alterations that will provide the most comfort, least risk of hazards, and the most optimum support for independent living.  Some alterations that we recommend are widening doorways, installing grab bars and hand rails in strategic areas, installing a wheelchair ramp, installing smoke detectors, installing overhead lighting in stairways and high traffic walk areas, installing light switches at the top & bottom of stairs, and even transforming to a wheelchair-friendly home, if applicable.


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