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Out-Patient Surgery Assistance

Our companion care aides can provide all the help of a surrogate daughter when you cannot get away to be with your loved one for a same-day surgery or medical procedure.

We do the driving, the waiting and the aftercare! 

Outpatient Pick Up
The Pick Up

Our companion care aide will arrive at your loved one's home at a designate time to assist him/her with last minute details of getting ready and escort or assist them to the car with any important papers or required items. They will accompany them to the same-day surgery center or hospital and assist them with getting properly checked in and help out with any paperwork if desired. 



Companion Aide
During the Wait

While your loved one is in surgery, the companion aide can assist with securing the patient's clothing and personal belongings in the waiting room for the patient. She will remain there during the entire procedure. In addition, she can provide phone calls to family members with any updates or pertinent information to keep everyone informed of the day's events or situation. 


Companion Aide After Care
The After Care

When the surgery is over and your loved one has been discharged from the recovery room, the companion aide will then assist or wheel chair the patient to the car with all the discharge instruction paperwork. She can receive full report of all the discharge instructions and pass that on to you and other family members if requested. The companion aid can then pick up any newly prescribed medications at the pharmacy on the way back to the patient's home. Once at home, the companion aide can assist the patient to be comfortable in his/her bed and prepare a hot meal and fluids as desired. The companion aide can also call family members with a discharge instructions report and current status. From that point, the family can determine if they want continued care before the companion aide leaves or if an overnight service is requested.

Call to learn more information about this truly wonderful and affordable service. We can provide you with rates and get your surgery date set on the calendar.

(855) 488-8111 toll free

Call anytime for more information 

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