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Infinity Care Management Services
1. FOR SUPPORT – We know the health care system and can walk you through it.

2. FOR PEACE OF MIND – We check on general matters and circumstances and can report to the designated individual(s) as needed.  This leaves the patient or loved one free to live their day-to day lives knowing we are here keeping an eye on things.

3. TO AVOID A CRISIS – We look for potential problems ahead of time and prevent them from happening.

4. TO REMAIN INDEPENDENT LONGER – We help patients remain at home or in an independent living facility for as long as possible.

5. TO SAVE MONEY IN THE LONG RUN – We assure efficient use of resources and make sure there are no nonessential services and/or medications and change or remove them if necessary.

6. TO SAVE TIME – We do the research and make all the calls that the patient or loved one may not have the time for.

7. BECAUSE THINGS CHANGE – We monitor for any changes in the patients condition and make adjustments as necessary.

8. SO YOU CAN GET THE HELP YOU NEED – We can help with the decisions by providing assessments and explaining all the options available.

9. TO ENSURE COMMUNICATION – We provide information to other professionals such as doctors and/or independent living facilities by translating the patients actual needs into professional terms and visa-versa.

10. TO HELP KEEP PEACE IN YOUR FAMILY – We can mediate and offer support by explaining to all parties what services are needed and why.

11.EXPERIENCE - Over 28 years of experience.


Proud Member of:

Sigma Theta Tau    Beard Center on Aging    ALCA   NGNA