At Infinity Care Management, we provide a variety of professional individual care solutions which includes geriatric care management services. Our team of nurses and social workers offer unique and helpful assistance and additional services that would otherwise only be available in a hospital or nursing home setting.

Individuals, the disabled, senior adults, and corporate America rely on us daily, and our reputation and success are built upon trust and performance. That's why our number-one priority is to present the highest quality of care to help our patients maintain their safety, independence, and well-being in their own home.


Our employees have an extensive background and the highest expertise in their respective fields; they truly care from their heart with a desire for what they do.


Our Vision is to be admired for our people, passion and performance, and it is our goal always to go above and beyond when it comes to your care or the care of your loved ones.

Background checks are performed monthly for all employees; they have been carefully scrutinized, verified, and undergone a ten panel drug screen. All nurses and social workers are CPR certified.

With locations in Virginia, California, West Virginia, and Texas, we would be happy to assist you in any way we can. Call 855-488-8111 now.