Our Care Managers offer individualized support and guidance for each patient need and can create a plan of care that considers their health requirements, goals, wishes and lifestyle.


All of this is provided within the comfort and privacy of your home, or it could easily be done in a facility if required. Your Care Manager will make it convenient and as accommodating as possible for you.


Background checks are performed monthly for all employees; they have been carefully scrutinized, verified, and undergone a ten panel drug screen. All nurses and social workers are CPR certified.


Common issues resolved by Infinity Care Management Care Managers

  • Client requires temporary assistance with an injury
  • Individual requires an assessment to verify current conditions
  • Inability to give self insulin, allergy injections, or vitamin B-12 via syringes
  • Non-compliance with medications  Also see: (Pill Dispensers)
  • Wheelchair bound client unable to navigate multiple levels or stairs
  • Driving incompetency
  • Client unable to do physical therapy exercise 'homework'
  • Client needing escort and advocacy for ER visit and/or hospital admission
  • Poor appetite, malnutrition, irregular meals, or unplanned weight loss
  • Client is a falls risk or falls frequently due to motor or balance issues or an injury  Also see: (Medical Alert Devices)
  • Social isolation
  • Attendants, caregivers, or allied health professionals providing poor care
  • Main caregiver needs a break or is going on vacation/out of town
  • Unsafe physical living environment due to poor lighting or home design issues
  • Client wanting DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) status & there is no document in place
  • Accidental spending on items that are covered by Medicare or insurance
  • Years of clutter and junk accumulation have become a fire hazard or falls risk
  • Nursing home candidate wanting help with a "Modified Home Living" plan
  • An inappropriate long term care placement
  • Unacceptable service at ALF/Long Term Care Facility
  • Client vulnerable to elder fraud or victim of elder fraud attack