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Five-Star Senior Care Services that are Completely Customizable!

Senior Care Plans

    We spare nothing in rolling out the red carpet with our Five-Star care services, and each service and plan of care is custom-built to create an exceptional & premium experience for each patient. Our Five-Star services are made up of specific levels of care that must be personalized and modified to fit exactly what the patient and the client family need to have.

    No two care plans are exactly alike because care plans are as unique and individualized as people themselves are, so our top Five-Star services below are completely up to the choice and discretion of the patient and/or client family. We are at your service to put together a VIP package plan that will provide the most optimum quality of life and a great sense of well-being.

Senior Care Plans and Five-Star Service

Personal Care Gold"

(Homemaker Care Services – 8 customizable services to choose from – choice of custom package)

   This important care service is also sometimes referred to as "Homemaker Care Services" which consists of a minimum of (8) eight customizable services to choose from. These services address the supportive activities of daily living that any one person may have.

    With our "Personal Care Gold" services, a minimum of (1) one geriatric care manager visit is needed weekly with any request. This ensures the proper care is being delivered with the highest level of quality at the appropriate number of days each week, and the appropriate number of hours each day.

“Personal Care Platinum"

(Personal Hands-On Care) - 7 customizable services to choose from – choice of custom package)

    This ideal care service is also sometimes referred to as "Personal Hands-on Care Services" which consists of (7) seven customizable services to choose from. It is a little more time consuming than just "Personal Care Gold" services because much more assistance is involved.


    "Personal Care Platinum" includes all the benefits & choices in "Personal Care Gold" plus the additional 7 key services surrounding daily self-care. As with the Gold plan,
"Personal Care Platinum" requires a minimum of (1) one geriatric care manager visit weekly for a request in any level of this service.


“Med Management Gold"

(Med teaching, med list creation/revisions, compliance monitoring, addressing polypharm with Physicians, and/or communicating new med updates after urgent visits/ER visits)
This service is a fabulous medication plan that provides very specific assistance with preventing or addressing any medication noncompliance with proactive measures.


    It is comprehensive medication communication plan that empowers the patient and the client family to become compliant with the doctor’s medication orders. This includes providing clear instructions (written & verbal) so the patient develops a sincere desire to be med compliant and keep health conditions at their most optimum level.


“Med Management Platinum"

(Includes "Med Management Gold," plus daily or weekly medicine dispensing, monthly prescription refill call-ins, and/or prescription pick-ups)
This incredibly effective medication plan includes ALL the benefits & choices of the
"Med Management Gold" plan PLUS the lawful services of medication dispensing by a licensed and experienced registered nurse.


    This can include injection medications, inhalation medications, topical medications, nasal & eye medications, rectal medications and all oral medications. A pharmacy refill service is included as well.


“Healing Words”  Support Counseling

(Patient or family Counseling) sessions of choice + schedule of choice

    This service is provided by our experienced, licensed social workers with master’s degree backgrounds. "Healing Words" is our professional & dynamic patient and family counseling services that occur at its most intimate level; in the privacy of the patient’s home.


“In-Sync”  Family Mediator Support

(Family intercessor services – reconciling differing opinions) sessions of choice + schedule of choice

  "In-Sync" is a dynamic & effective family intercessor service for families who need a middle man or mediator to listen and guide participants in a synchronized, thorough & productive platform. It is for families who need to reconcile past ineffective communication and resolve differing opinions.


    The goal, of course, is to give all participants a chance to safely verbalize their concerns without fear of retribution or ridicule. Opening up communication in a supervised & controlled manner allows all participants to fully unload what is on their mind and then be able to effectively hear others.


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