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Who uses your services, and how can Infinity Care Management (ICM) help me?

ICM is frequently contacted for assistance with seniors or disabled persons. Most commonly it is a family member or group of family members in need of some type of immediate and/or ongoing care assistance. The individual who makes the initial contact with us could be the clients' main caregiver, one of their adult children, a spouse, or any combination thereof. More than likely they are emotionally stressed, overwhelmed, and not exactly sure what to do next.


Many wish they had the help from a professional "friend" who could give them dependable, reliable advice and provide them guidance as to where to go, who to talk to, and how to get things done. Think of us as that "friend." What we do is lead you through the process providing you with choices and information on what solutions are attainable for you or your loved one’s particular care needs. We break it down into small pieces so you can easily understand everything that is available and what different solutions will work, and then, along with our guidance, we would let you decide which is the best route to take.


I don't know anything about senior home-care services, and after doing a little searching, I'm getting frustrated and overwhelmed. Could you help me understand what service(s) I need and do not need for myself or my loved one?



This is a very common question, and these feelings have been expressed by the majority of people new to the care industry looking for help. Most people are not very familiar with health care or the many options and solutions that are out there for home management, and care of aging seniors. They usually begin by researching the subject on their own, but they soon find that these attempts are met with mixed results and create more questions than answers. Ultimately, they'll reach out for our help after finding themselves running down many different rabbits trails and becoming even more confused than when they began their endeavor.


We know the senior health care arena AND the senior home-care arena in and out, and we are very familiar with all the processes and the many resources available. We also have the correct healthcare expertise, background, and knowledge required to be exceptionally capable of work with senior's and disabled adults. Once we have gathered all the information about your particular situation, we would then be able to provide you with our “Findings and Recommendations Report” plus a Preliminary Care Plan which would include only the appropriate and most helpful service's and solutions required to meet your goals.


What can I expect when I contact Infinity Care Management, and why wouldn't I just do all of this on my own?



Once you contact us, we would obtain all the pertinent information about the current situation so that we could better understand ALL the challenges, concerns, and problems that exist with you or your loved one. Then we would provide some information about us, our care management process, and explain the next steps that should be taken while moving toward providing the immediate solutions to all the issues and challenges at hand.


Going at it alone is not only very time-consuming for you, but it could also create unnecessary additional and unneeded services, as well as a lot of frustrating, confusing research. By allowing ICM to come in and intervene for you and handle the complicated and intense portions, we can organize the data, outline the different actions and solutions possible, and create an easy strategy to accommodate you or your loved one. Furthermore, having a geriatric care manager (Registered Nurse and/or Licensed Social Worker) come in and fix your problems not only would streamline the process, but it would ultimately eliminate your stress and worry.


What makes Infinity Care Management any different from the other care agencies?



Sadly, the health care industry has grown so much that many agencies are now commonly employing  lay people (e.g. Office Managers, Company Executives, etc.) who have no license or experience in nursing or social services, which is an extreme disadvantage for anyone attempting to adequately assess a client. This also causes the patient to be frequently under-evaluated or worse yet critical care deficits or underlying medical issues are missed altogether. They are also likely to provide their caregivers with an infrequent and inadequate supervisory program, and some caregiver agencies go as long as 6-months or more before sending a supervisor to check on their caregivers.


Our Geriatric Care Manager employees are Registered Nurses or Licensed Social Workers, and they are not independent contractors. They all have experience and specific training with seniors and the disabled; this is in addition to their professional licensure. They know their local communities, and they know who the highest quality and proven resources are in their area. They can provide a very thorough evaluation of you or your loved one's particular situation and would put together a care plan specifically designed so that you receive only the appropriate care and expert services that you require.


In addition to their own professional duties, they would also hire, manage, visit on site, support, and orient with all caregivers on the care team. They would make unannounced visits to the caregivers to make sure everything is progressing as it should be under any typical workday, and they would manage the care team adequately and efficiently to ensure maximum performance and accountability.

What steps are taken to get started, and what is your basic process for setting up and beginning care?


We would first need to gather information over the phone concerning the elder or disabled clients' situation. From there we would assign a nurse or social worker geriatric care manager to come out and meet with the senior adult in their home (or hospital or assisted-living facility) and provide a comprehensive and full geriatric assessment. It covers all facets and areas of a senior’s life so that we can adequately and efficiently identify all problems, concerns, risks, and challenges that the senior adult is facing. This includes a thorough medical history, mental status exam, medical condition status profile, and medication profile, as well as medical condition's risk, home safety evaluation, and safety risk assessments. This is accomplished in approximately two visits of about 1 ½ to 2-hours each.


Once we have collected all the necessary information and data from the client, the family, the primary doctor, and any other important sources, the care manager would then put together the detailed "Findings and Recommendations Report” as well as the “Preliminary Care Plan."  A copy of the report and the care plan would then be sent to the family for review.


Moving forward, the care manager and regional director would next meet with the family (and the client, if desired) via conference call to see what the family thinks about the proposed solutions and plans. The care plans are subsequently modified to the family’s changes right over the phone, and a Comprehensive or final Care Plan is created. The family then directs the care manager when she can begin setting up and implementing all the plans into place. The care manager will activate all outside professional services, oversee and manage progress of their services, as well as initiate all our care manager services.


My siblings and I live far away from our senior parent, and some of us live out of state. Can you help us with their care anyway?



Yes, we can! It is a very common situation for a client to have out of area or out of state family members. When a problem or issue arises, it is important for you to feel confident that everything is going to be handled by your care manager. Our care managers act as a “surrogate daughter” to the client, providing actions and solutions, and placing resources for the benefit, safety, and well-being of your Mom or Dad.


As with all home and phone visits to your loved one, all of our care managers follow up their work with detailed and typed communication reports that are emailed directly to the family members within 24 to 48 hours, so they would all know right away of the latest information about them. It is of utmost concern that we keep this type of communication open and regular with all families of our clients.


I often argue with my siblings about what the best options may be for caring for our senior parent. Can you help us in our decision making?



It is very difficult sometimes to care for aging parents, especially when there are multiple adult children involved and everyone has a different view about the best care for their mother or father.


Our mediating social workers provide professional services in the home environment or over the phone to allow all family members a safe platform to share their feelings and concerns and be confident that they will be heard. The specific goals of parental care can be agreed upon as solution pros and cons will be examined and discussed. Our gentle, masters-level prepared social workers will provide that objective perspective and their professional insight to navigate the family to the best possible outcomes and solutions for their Mom or Dad. Our client families particularly like this service and find it highly advantageous in moving their parent(s) care forward.


When you are deciding on a home-care agency and/or care management agency, remember to choose an agency that has registered nurses on staff that are readily available as well as licensed social workers experienced in counseling and mediating senior adult families. All of our care manager teams have licensed social workers on staff with this specific level of expertise.

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