Infinity Care Management has medication management devices to assist anyone in taking the correct daily required medications with the proper dosage at the right time every time!



What is it?

The Tunstall MedMinder™ medication reminder and dispensing system is designed to enhance medication adherence. The pill dispenser offers users a sense of comfort knowing that their medications are conveniently organized and that they will be gently prompted to take them at the appropriate times.


How does it work?

Dispensing times, reminder and notification preferences are easily set-up by a family member or caregiver via the convenient MedMinder portal. A family member, caregiver or pharmacist would then fill the dispensing cups.


When it’s time to take a medication, the appropriate compartment flashes to prompt the user. The user can also receive audible reminders. If the cup is not removed within the assigned time frame, designated recipients will receive automatic notifications via phone, text, and/or email.


The MedMinder system is cellular enabled eliminating the need for a traditional phone line while allowing for remote programming and updates from the MedMinder portal.

The MedMinder system is designed with ease of use in mind, it’s simple and friendly interface has no digital readouts or buttons. The MedMinder system contains 28 large pill compartments which can accommodate an array of pill types and can be configured for multi-week dispensing.


MedMinder provides rich reports regarding the medication activity. Detailed reports show when cups were taken out of the medication dispenser, when refilled and if any dispensings were missed.


Who is it for?

A wide variety of subscribers can benefit from the MedMinder, including people who:


• Have multiple prescriptions

• Have difficulty organizing pills

• Have a hard time remembering

• Have dexterity issues

• Have difficulty reading labels

• Have a risk of mis-dosing


The MedMinder portal offers users and caregivers the convenience of updating regimens and configuring the type and delivery method of notifications. Detailed reports are also available on the portal.

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