Infinity Care Management provides benefits that extend beyond the client/patient. In addition to individuals, family and other health care professionals are happy to share their feelings and comments on how our services have affected them.


From Kathy D. of New Bern, NC (Out of State Adult Daughter)
 “I was pleasantly surprised to find my mom looking better than she has in years! The chronic leg swelling that she has always had is now under such good control. I am pleased by how her home has had all that clutter removed and how clean everything is. I can tell you have worked very hard.” 
From Darryl A. of New York City, NY (Out of State Adult Son)
 “A tremendous thank you for all of your wonderful care and service provided to my mother during her final months and days. You made a very big difference in her life by helping her stay at home with the medication machine and your weekly visits. I am happy to know that you will go on to serve others as you did my mom.” From Jane M. of San Antonio, TX (Out of Area Daughter)
 “I want you to know we could never have had our father under the best care if it hadn't been for you. Dad is peaceful. He is now carving out a new chapter of life for himself with a little guidance thanks, to your help… We thank you with all our hearts.” From Gloria S. of Lynchburg, VA (Ambulatory clinic nurse) “It was (my patient's) wish to remain in his own home until he died, and you made his wish become reality. The care workers brought love and companionship to a lonely man, and he blossomed under their care…No one could have done a better job, and I know how much he appreciated it.” From Darcy F. of Lynchburg, VA (SNF Unit Manager)
 “Thanks for working with Ruth’s family; you may not work for the hospital or her doctor’s office, but you coordinated all those so services well. You were able to locate the very best solutions for this family’s circumstances, and provided a range of services not available from most social workers or home health agencies in this area. I’m a big fan of geriatric care management and enjoy working with you all. From Bob D. of Dallas, TX (ICM Workers Comp Patient)
 “Thank you so much for helping me get to a better place with my work injury. I had the most pleasant visits from your nurses, and with their assistance, I was healthy and back on the job where I wanted to be in no time!"